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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member of one of the Artists Networks?

If you are an artist residing in Upstate New York, if you own or manage a gift shop or gallery that sells the work of Upstate New York artists, if you are a coordinator of a festival or events that includes the work of Upstate New York artists, you become a member simply by listing with us. Membership is virtual and de facto based on online sign-up. Our Networks are web-based.

What do you charge for directory listings?

Our directory listing services are free.

If your listing services are free, how do you get revenues?

We depend upon donations, fees from Premium Pages, and when we have our 501(c)(3) non-profit exemption status approved by the IRS, we hope to secure grant monies.

Don't your services duplicate others in Upstate New York?

While there other other listings of artists and crafters in Upstate New York, our services cover all of Upstate New York, and include several categories of listings which others don't have. Also, our services are free. We don't charge for listing or for access to those listings.

As an artist, can I have an image of my work with my listing?

Yes. When you sign up, you will be asked to submit images. They will be resized and optimized for web appearance automatically. And when a visitor clicks on the image included with your listing, that image will be enlarged to show more detail.

We need artists to submit work for an art contest and exhibit. Can we list that?

Certainly. Sign up in the Calls For Artists category. A deadline date can be included, along with contest details.

Do I have to pay dues for membership?

We have no dues. Of course you are most welcome to donate to our cause. Donations help us help you.

What are Premium Members?

Premium members are artists and shop owners who contract for a separate web page to show their work. These pages are quickly accessed through links on all our pages.

How long have you been offering directory listings?

Since 2000, when the Finger Lakes Artists and Crafters Network website was launched. We formed a non-profit charitable corporation in 2008. Since then, six additional regional networks have been created covering all of Upstate New York north of Rockland and Westchester Counties

Do you have or sponsor events or meetings?

No. Our activities are web-based.

Do you compete with arts councils or other arts-based organizations?

On the contrary, we are a charitable organization that supports the work of all other arts-based organizations in Upstate New York. Our mission is to increase exposure for Upstate artists and their work. Our Links Directory has hyperlinks and other contact information for all Upstate New York arts councils and many other arts-related organizations. We are all in the business of supporting the arts, and we all need to support each other.

I live in Iowa, but I love New York. Can I list with you?

Sorry, but our services are currently restricted to Upstate New York residents. Go online and see if you can find a similar service in your state or contact your local arts council.

We are in New Jersey, but are sponsoring an art competition that is open to artists in Upstate New York. Can this competiton be listed?

Yes. Sign up in the Calls for Artists category.

What kind of expenses does you organization have?

Our administrative expenses are most modest. We need to pay for protecting our domain names, for proting our services, and for website development and administration. Our new websites and their automated, interactive and integrated database constitute a major expense and we need to recover those costs. Premium memberships, display ads on our pages, and donations from members and others who support our work all help to keep us going.

Can I update or change my listings?

Yes, anytime you wish. Once you have a listing, you will have access to it 24/7. You can change listing information or images anytime. We encourage you to keep your listings updated, particularly your contact information. Invalid links or listings containing broken links will be removed.

Who checks these directory listings?

Listings are subject to verification. Listings will be reviewed, and can be edited or rejected by the site administrator.

Have Questions? Need more information? Contact us.

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